Itoshiki Sekai és el segon ending de Buso Renkin.



ひらひらと 甘美な世界へ
今飛び立とう 羽根を広げ

黒い空 刳(く)り貫(ぬ)いた 銀の月


きらきらと 眩(まばゆ)い世界を


Hira hira to kanbii na sekai e
Ima tobitatou hane o hiroge

Kuroi sora kurinuita gin no tsuki
Saigo no SPOTTO RAITO o abite

Oto mo naku shinobi kyouru ano akumu wa
Kamen de kakushite

Doko made mo takaku habatakeru
Kono utsukushii hane ga areba
Kira kira to mabayui sekai o
Subete kono te ni

Traducció a l'anglèsEdit

Towards the luscious world
Let us fly away now, spreading my wings.

Carved out of the black sky, the silver moon
Bathes in the magnificent spotlight.

Without a sound, the sneaking nightmare
Hides behind a mask

As long as I have these beautiful wings
Of which it can flutter towards unknown heights,
The brilliant and dazzling world,
Shall fall within these hands.

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