Makka Na Chikai (真赤な誓い en japonès) és l'opening de Buso Renkin feta servir en els 26 episodis. També sona durant el final de les sèries, durant la batalla entre Kazuki Muto i Papillon.




立ち止まるヒマなんかないさ 考える余裕なんかないさ
ありったけの想いを胸に 灼熱の戦いの中へ

あまりにも大きな 力の壁 世界の闇
絶対負けるもんか 限界超えて

どんな敵でも 味方でもかまわない
この手を放すもんか 真赤な誓い

いつまでも いつまでも 追い続けるんだ
どこまでも どこまでも 明日への勇気を
どこまでも どこまでも 燃えたぎるハートを お前と


Oh... Oh... Da...
Oh... Oh... Da... Omae to

Tachidomaru hima nanka nai sa
Kangaeru yoyuu nanka nai sa
Arittake no omoi wo mune ni
Shakunetsu no tatakai no nake e

Amari ni mo ookina chikara no kabe sekai no yami
Zettau makeru mon ka genkai koete

Ima wa wakaranai koto bakari dakedo
Shinjiru kono michi wo susumu dake sa
Donna teki demo mikata demo kamawanai
Kono te wo hanasu mon ka makka na chikai

Itsu made mo itsu made mo oitsuzukerun da
Doko made mo doko made mo ashita e no yuuki wo
Doko made mo doko made mo
Moetagiru HEART wo omae to

Traducció a l'anglèsEdit

Oh... Oh... DA...
Oh... Oh... DA...together with you!

There's no time for standing around
I don't have the leisure for thinking things through.
I've got all my feeling crammed in my chest
I'm going into that scorching battle.

It's such a huge wall of power, a huge darkness in the world.
But I'll never give up! I'll surpass all my limits!

Right now there might be alot of things I don't understand
but i'm just going to keep following this path I believe in.
Any kind of friend or enemy is just fine with me.
I'll never let go of my hold on this blood-red oath!

Forever, forever, keep chasing after...
To the ends of the earth, to the ends of the earth, the courage for tomorrow.
To the ends of the earth, to the ends of the earth,
this blazing heart, together with you...

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